Social Media Photographer

Eat and Drink are daily life for everybody. Checkin is not only come from the accommodation or hotel but also the activity for photo social club.

“Hold on !” happened every time before start eating. They need a nice photo of their memorize. This food is already taken from many camera phones. Then it will be posted on social media such as Facebook, or Instagram. Mass of contents about food is around the world.

Stree food is the recommendation from social media photograper. Sometimes, they just want to have a nice picture of the composting environment. Nice restaurant, funny friends, warmly family photos are the highest volume that expands on the social media application.

This is the reason why you need a good resolution of the front camera on your mobile phone. Companies already catch on this spot. They aim to extend the number of pixels on their phone product. Such as ZOOM, and cameras are increasing on many mobile phones.

However, you are the one who increasing these requirements. Everybody change or turn into the Social Media photographer. You can find photos or tons of nice food photos from the Internet.

Please remember, photos on social media do not only contain the image or picture but also information such as author, DateTime, or places has included in it. They could use this information from your social activities. Privacy is inversed with convenience.